Thursday, November 1, 2007

VR Pioneer Randy Pausch gives last lecture.

Randy Pausch is one of the foremost experts on virtual reality technology. He recently gave a lecture entitled, "Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams." Dr. Pausch shared that unlike most of us he has achieved most of his dreams which included being in zero gravity, making video games, etc. He joked that the only goal he didn't achieve was being in the NFL. This was no ordinary lecture, a father of three and only 46-years old he was given a death sentence of a few months. Tears were wiped and two standing ovations ended Randy Pausch's last lecture. I met Randy a few years ago, he's an amazing person and easily my hero.

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Julie said...

Nice post. I met Randy a couple times but didn't really know him, unfortunately. It was amazingly far-sighted of him to leave us his lecture and his book.