Tuesday, May 29, 2007

First person shooters - The pong of VR

Many say the only thing keeping PC gaming alive are first person shooters. These types of games are early Virtual Reality. First person perspective, check. 3 dimensional audio, check. Captivating storylines and characters, almost check. Early shooters literaly do seem like pong, the players being the paddles and bullets being the ball. More and more real time first person games are adding more than just get key, shoot monster. Games like Oblivion and Stalker add rpg elements to the first person action genre with good results. Upcoming shooters like Crysis and Bioshock (pictured above) are supposed to push the boundries of what is capable graphically as well as creatively in the FPS world. These games may not be fully physically immersive, as they are played on a screen, but there is no doubt they can be emotionally immersive.

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