Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Latest Head Mounted Display on the Market

Icuiti introduced the VR920 gamer video glasses back a the CES 2007. The Icuiti VR920 features two 640x480 VGA progressive scan LCDs with a 32 degree field of view. To make these video glasses usable for online 3D games, the VR920 has a built-in microphone and 3 degree of freedom head tracker. 3D stereo viewing is also supported by these glasses.

The iCuiti VR920 are available right now but expect a wait of 6-8 weeks due to high demand. The price is a very reasonable $399.95. Currently about 13 games are supported. iCuiti hopes to get more traction with game developers to have more drivers available in the future. Another HMD associates itself with VR, some improvements over previous HMDs, but the resolution is too low for modern first person shooters and the field of view leaves much to be desired.

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